A downloadable horro game springtrap for Windows

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[UPDATE 17.07.2021] Balance changes and new graphics settings v 0.5 alpha

Choose from two modes!

In the first mode (it's faster and easier) you have to collect 6 newspapers while avoiding Springtrap!

In the second mode (it is more difficult and lasts a lot of time), you must make sure that the light does not go out completely, otherwise Springtrap will kill you. You can turn on the light by pressing the lever!

If Springtrap is chasing you, turn on the flashlight, so you can quickly hide.

You only have legs and a flashlight to save yourself. If you get caught, your skull will be broken. Oops ...

Not nice.

In any case, you need to know the controls in the game.

w a s d - walking

e - interactive

f - flashlight

ctrl - sit down

esc - pause.

Good luck ;)

Donate  ;)


PS: do not forget to write a comment and rate the game, I tried my best for you.


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Short and scary. Had a lot of fun playing it and making this video, check it out for yourself. ALSO LOTS OF SCARES.

If there's gonna be any updates in the future I would try to make SpringTrap hear your running, cuz once I figured out his pattern I was just running from the switch to switch. btw I picked audio 2 so I'm not sure if it's because of that. overall it's a great game.

Really cool and simple game that still managed to be scary! I was able to beat both modes here, and I also had some really funny moments throughout. Check out my playthrough here!


Overall this was a great game with great tension, but I did notice that Springtrap likes to stay to one part of the area in the first mode which is a little frustrating. But other than that, it was pretty great! 

Super fun and terrying game. I recently streamed this in 3RG. It's the first game I played. I have to do a seperate stream and play Mod 2. So Good!

Excellent Fan Game From Gerka!! Good Work Bro.

The boy be camping! I played both modes were fun to play. Good game developer.

Very fun game. 

This game has a lot of potential

Great job 馃憤

hey my friend i have a problem with your game, when i open the game works just fine but when i press start so i can play the game the game stops working and crash, what should i do?

馃 hmm... how old is your computer?

WELL, i bought it back in 2019, its a i3 Dell desktop

Cool game. I like to see the FNAF characters actually walking around. 

I did find a cheeky way to beat the hard mode tho xD

Loved this game I added it to my three free horror games video as game 3 though i will be doing another of just this

NEW Three Free Horror Games Video. Come check out the newest three free horror games from itchio. Tell me what you think. Will they make it or sizzle out

This game is cool, cant believe there's still people making fnaf fan games. One thing i hate is the screen shake when you're walking/running. Please reduce that... 

This Was Valid

Locked in a basement with Springlock Bonnie... What's the worst that can happen?

hilarious new video up on this full of horrible deaths!

Super fun, super scary! Great fan game overall, and I hope to see some new mods added!

Not gonna lie , this game is fire . It genuinely scared me . I recommend it 

This was awesome. Great work. We loved it!


Heart attack simulator


   - CrazyCheesePuf

Jogo muito bom de persegui莽茫o. Se inscreva no meu canal. Todos os dias v铆deos 脿s 19h17

this game was fun and entertaining, the actual game itself is a little too quiet, and finding the news papers was really easy. But still a very fun game.

Hey, back again! I made a video on mode 2 this time around! I think the AI should be smarter. Since I could easily just keep running around the map in circles to escape it. I really like mode 2 though! 


I was afraid that people could not get through this mode if the AI is more difficult


I will consider your comment

As I can see, Springtraps Intelligence is being improved! Hope you add a mode 3 to the game. Hope to play mode 3 whenever it comes for a video!

Great game play. Mod 1, the thing ran around the corner when  we didn't see each other.  Mod 2, I was just slow at getting lights lol.  All well worth it. Game here: 

Last game play of three. Subscribe please!

Good Job!


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This is one of the first FNAF games I have seen on here and it is REALLY good! I would really like to play this game for a YT video.

Edit: Here is the video I recorded! Great game! 

This game was really scary and fun! I know that this game was made in a week but I could really only see two problems. The newspapers were spawning in the same spot so it made it easier to find them. And Springtrap would get stuck sometimes but gets unstuck when he sees me. But overall it was a pretty good game :)

Very nice job with this game! And thanks for sharing it with us, bro.

This game was incredible and scary!!!! Here鈥檚 my gameplay on it, it鈥檚 pretty interesting!

im still terrified of this game. It was scary asf lol

It's good because it's simple

This was very well made! The first game mode is actually fairly challenging. The second one is incredibly fun, and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I played. Great work!

the thumbnail says it all
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this game is freaking scary man i love games like this keep it up :)

Super jeu pour ma premi猫re exp茅rience avec un animatronic! Le gameplay est simple mais efficace. J'ai fini par comprendre le pattern et suis arriv茅 脿 5h avant de faire une erreur b锚te ^^. Ca serait encore mieux (plus dur) si le pattern variait.

Encore bravo pour un tel boulot!

Great game for my first experience with an animatronic! The gameplay is simple but effective. I finally understood the pattern and arrived at 5 o'clock before making a stupid error . It would be even better (harder) if the pattern varied.

Congratulations again for such a job!

Oh, thank you)

This game is very fun. But I did encounter a bug where springtrap got stuck. and to get him to move I had to make him see me.


Yes, I know this bug, it seemed to me that I fixed it

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